Create momentum for positive change
You are a corporate leader, a sustainability team lead or HR manager?

For sure, you will agree that your employees are the greatest asset to ensure that your organization will flourish and constantly develop solutions which ensure that our world becomes a better place for all.

The GOOD Club is a straightforward digital membership offering created to boost a positive spirit within your organization by using the power of changemakers across the globe who develop solutions which contribute to all of the 17 dimensions of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
GOOD Club — Inspiring people to drive change for a better world
Spreading one inspiring solution with
a powerful story every month
We identify one outstanding inspiring solution every month, which positively changes the world, and assess it with our GOOD scorecard
We develop and produce unique content and develop exclusive stories for you as a GOOD Club Member
We support the selected solution through funding and mentoring
The problem we solve
A positive mind-set
To gain support from all your employees for an ambitious sustainability agenda can be challenging. With GOOD, each and every employee is regularly exposed to exciting stories about how people drive change to positively change the world, and is emotionally attached as the solution is supported by his or her organization.

Making sustainability tangible
Sustainability is not always sexy, it may be perceived as a pretty abstract concept. With our GOOD communication we make sustainability tangible.
The featured solutions all 17 dimensions of the Sustainable Development Goals and relate to topics your company may be dealing with such as framing a net zero climate strategy, developing a regenerative business model to boost a circular economy or introducing a diversity policy.

Sustainability Branding
We strengthen your brand by promoting it through our GOOD Club communication. You are recognized as a company which stands for social innovation and sustainability leadership. Use it for your employer branding and customer relation strategy.
The simplest reason to join the GOOD Club?
You believe it is the right thing! Set a sign and sign-up!
The more companies join, the more impact we generate together and the more visibility we create for those who drive positive change.
A simple, straightforward scheme
The GOOD Club is a modern, highly effective way of corporate engagement. You manage your membership online. You decide, which level you chose, e.g. by investing one euro per employee per month or one percent of your turnover. You want to go further? – We on our part are deeply rooted in the impact and digital social innovation community. We are looking forward to teaming up with you to develop customized solutions for your employee – or customer – engagement strategy based on 20 years of experience with venture philanthropy initiatives around the globe.
Let us together create momentum for positive change. Join the GOOD Club now!

About us

The GOOD Club is led by Kevin Fuchs and Andreas Renner.
We are a B Corp certified social enterprise linked to the Berlin-based GOOD Impact Foundation. We believe in the power of social entrepreneurship and therefore use all our energy to boost social innovators whose solutions positively change the world.

The GOOD Club is a central piece within our wider family of mission-driven initiatives, which include the GOOD search engine, the GOOD news app, the GOOD jobs platform and the GOOD carbon company to help implement your net zero or nature positive pledges.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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